"I love the helpful ideas and tips in Bill's book…particularly the layout which allows parents to find the solution they need in a snap. I am a huge believer in finding and pursuing our dreams, and I just love the way Love, Limits & Lessons brings passion, purpose and dreams into the parenting model. When we learn how to dream with our kids…we all become better people! So thank you Bill for creating such a wonderful tool!"

BRANDY PERKINS, Professional Services Center Manager at Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas

"Creating Cooperative Kids is an exceptional resource for parents. As the host of the TV program, he offers straight talk to parents and teachers about the issues that matter to us. He is kind, compassionate, and clear. His unwavering commitment to empowering parents to raise happy, healthy, and well-adjusted children with an eye to the kind of adults they will become shines in all of his work. Bill is a extraordinary person to work with, and I recommend him as a polished presenter and resource with the kind of expertise that makes a difference."

"After reading Love, Limits and Lessons I realized it wasn’t my parenting it was my approach that needed to be brought up-to-date when raising kids today. I highly recommend following the simple, easy to implement techniques Bill has conveniently organized in Love, Limits and Lessons. This book is a great source for anyone looking to correct behavior issues or for anyone looking to be prepared to handle them."


Occupational Therapist certified in MLD

Jill Suskind , Grant researcher and writer, specializing in fund raising projects for Jewish and Israeli individuals and agencies

"I would highly recommend going to any of Bill Corbett's seminars. His passion and knowledge for youth are immeasurable and addictive. I listened to him speak on "Getting Hard to Reach Youth Engaged in Life & Employed" and "Understanding the Millennial Mindset". Each session was 1.5 hours and over too fast as he had a lot of valuable information to teach!!"

"Mr. Corbett kept everyone engaged and was a very effective presenter. He provided me the knowledge, strategies, and techniques that will assist me in my profession as well as personal life working with youth. I highly recommend him."

TACY ARENS, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor at Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services

improving family life, 

knowledge and understanding!

"Every parent and teacher out there needs to know about the work that Bill Corbett of Cooperative Kids is doing. I attended a workshop on parenting which he gave, and read his book "Love, Limits and Lessons" and highly recommend both. Bill helps parents use a common-sense approach and outlines clear, concrete methods for raising healthy children."

Ryan Shanks, Sports Agent to Financial Advisors; Co-founder of FA Match

Lisa Lavoie, Children's Book Author

Educator, Coach, Health Advocate & Business Owner focused on helping people improve their lives.

"Bill helped me and my wife transform the way we parent out kids. He has some of the best insight and advice on how to engage with children to improve cooperation within the family. His class is fantastic and he teaches from his own experiences; which allowed us to easily bond with him. If you find yourself challenged by your children and you can't seem to effectively communicate with them, then hiring Bill could be one of the single best decision you have ever made!"

Tracey Bromley Goodwin, M.Ed, ADHD Coach, 
Executive Functioning Coach, Author, Speaker

Tara Kennedy-Kline, Author, Podcast Host & Business Owner at Snapo

"When I took Bill's class-it was a lightbulb, life-changing moment in my life. My only wish is that I had met him when I was parenting instead of grandparenting! As an Occupational Therapist, I would recommend him to any and all collegues who work with children. Bill has some great tools for you to add to your skill set that will help you work thru those behaviors you find most challenging. You will not find a better expert on parenting, discipline or children and what makes them tick. And he is one great speaker!"

"We cannot recommend Bill Corbett more highly. His deep passion for supporting parents and teachers can be experienced through his book LOVE, LIMITS, LESSONS and through his television show CREATING COOPERATIVE KIDS or as a participant in one of his workshops. Bill's message includes strategies that are both effective and easy to implement. Parents and teachers will learn a lot from all of Bill Corbett's work!"